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K. D. Robertson

I’m a harem fantasy author. Call me K.D. or whatever you prefer. 

The stories I write are what I want to see more of in fiction. Harem stories with a strong focus on the female characters, huge battles between absurdly powerful fantasy beings, empire building stories with politics and intrigue, and most importantly: interesting and complex worlds based on magic that are fun to explore over the course of a series.

I’ve been writing harem fantasy since the end of 2013, although under a more aspirational pen name (plus it’s free and online). My interests are probably what you expect: fantasy, sci-fi, anime, visual novels, and I used to play pen-and-paper RPGs when I had the time. World-building is a hobby of mine.

If you really want to know more, then you should know that I’m Australian. That’s why you might occasionally spot a strange word or British-ism in my books, although I do my best to edit them out.



Hello customers,

I have a bit of news about the Demon Throne series by KD

KD has asked to remove the first three books from Audiobook
Guild so that he can re-record them and put them up on Audible. He feels it’s
the best move to make for the series, and I don’t want to keep audiobooks on my
platform if the authors aren’t 100% happy with the results.

You’ll still keep the audiobook you bought in Audiobook
Guild in your Bookfunnel library, but since KD intends to transition to Audible,
you won’t automatically get the updated narration. If you have any questions,
you can reach out to him at

Thank you for being a customer at

Michael-Scott Earle

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