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Adam and His Eves 2: Creating an Apocalypse Harem

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Material: audiobook

Series: Adam and His Eves Book: 2 of 3


When I left Michigan eight years into the apocalypse, my only three goals were: to avoid the silver aliens that had destroyed the world, to not get eaten by any undead zombies, and to find my sister.

So far, I’ve succeeded in my first two goals, and I’m so close to completing the third one.

However, there are things I never expected from my apoco-road trip.

Like finding two beautiful women who are relying on me for survival. Or being hunted by the remnants of the old world order. Or discovering that maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to defeat our extraterrestrial visitors.

But if I’m going to figure out how to save the world, I’m going to have to stay alive, which is easier said than done.

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Narration By: JD Tanner and Sierra Taft
Duration: 7 Hours, 13 Minutes