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Immortal Swordslinger 5

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Material: audiobook

Series: Immortal Swordslinger Book: 5 of 6

After training with the monks of the Dying Sun monastery, I’ve learned more about Augmenting than ever before. But I still have more to learn, including how to Unleash my Immense Blades.

To do so, I’ll have to explore the ashes of the past of one of my lovers. Faryn’s home. The ancient elven guild that was destroyed by cultists.

There, I’ll search for what I need to Unleash the dragons from my weapons.

But there’s more to be found in the ashes of Faryn’s former guild. Revelations that could mean an end to my quest or help me reach its fulfilment.

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Narration By: C.C. Thompson and JD Tanner
Duration: 10 Hours, 21 Minutes