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Made in Hell 6

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Material: audiobook

Series: Made In Hell Book: 6 of 7


There’s more evil at work in this kingdom than I expected. Undesirables all over the islands of Selythia are still being stolen and tortured, but I’m a professional punisher from the festering voids of the Hellscape.

This is kind of my area of expertise, and I’m more than willing to address the issue personally.

Even if it’s the king himself who needs punishing.

But when a certain angel takes a perilous fall from the Heavenly Glade, it starts to look like we’ve got even bigger problems.

And the arrival of my Lord Captain is just the moldy icing on top of this very bloody cake.

Narration By: Alyssa Poon and Robert L. Bradvica
Duration: 8 Hours, 27 Minutes