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Page Keeper 2: A Slice of Life Fantasy

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Material: audiobook

Series: Page Keeper Book: 2 of 3

With the magical ability to read people like books (and read books better than anyone else alive), I'm a bibliomancer. My powers make me the perfect bookstore owner in a college town filled with gorgeous witches.

After an eventful opening to the college semester, business is booming in my bookstore. The students at the all-woman college are coming every day to purchase their magical book supplies.

Running a business is difficult in itself, but it's made all the more difficult by my love life. I'm juggling a relationship with a beautiful blonde student, a mature professor with a penchant for the naughtier side of life, and a French-speaking grimoire whose spirit I'm dying to connect with a body.

Like my number of companions, the number of bookstores to my name are expanding too.

There's a quaint building in Birnam on offer, a perfect satellite of my store in Marywill. Except this place has its own secrets that I must unravel, and some secrets are better left hidden.

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Narration By: Brian Kozak and Charlie K James
Duration: 8 hours, 34 minutes