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Survive the Monsters and Breed

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Material: audiobook

Series: Survive the Monsters and Breed Book: 1 of 6

My name is Jake. At least, I think it is. That’s what the note in my pocket said when I woke up in this jungle, but it said a bit more than that. It gave me two assignments: Survive the monsters and breed with as many women as possible. The future of the human race depends on you.

So… There's a lot I’m pretty confused about.

The beautiful women I’ve found in this jungle are just as lost, and they had their own note that told them to breed with the strongest man they could find. They seem to trust me enough to team up in figuring out what the hell is going on, but we’re finding more alarming mysteries everywhere we explore in this jungle.

Why are we so strong? Why are we trapped here with these crazy monsters?

And why are these gorgeous women as compelled to breed with me as I am with them?

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Narration By: Delilah Stanfield and Jack Douglas
Duration: 9 Hours, 38 Minutes