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Jessica Threet of Actors Everywhere

Jessica Threet

Jessica Threet is a lover of musical theatre, true crime (Murderino, anyone?), Disney, flamingos, and all things sweet. She has been a part of Actors Everywhere for almost two years now, and she is so very thankful for the opportunity to get to share her voice on many audiobooks over this course of time. Some authors she has had the opportunity to work with are Eric Vall (Metal Mage, Without Law, and Succubus Lord Series), Logan Jacobs (Dragons of Asgard, The OPMC, Vampire Lord, Scholomance, and Evil Genius Series), Michael-Scott Earle (Star Justice, Concrete Chaos, Tamer, and Monster Empire Series), Nathan Thompson (Challenger's Call and Soul Ship Series), Kurtis Eckstein, Eric J. Vann, Dave Willmarth, Atlas Kane, Brandon Varnell, Marco Frazetta, M.H. Ryan, Derek Belfield, and many more she is very grateful for every day. 

Actors Everywhere is an arts group formed with the purpose of reimagining art. Audio, video, stage - AE has its sights set on all of it. Having proven themselves in the audiobook world and fast becoming a recognizable name, they're constantly working on raising the bar and putting the audience and artists first.


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