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Joshua Story of WayWard Traveler Entertainment


A Florida native living in Los Angeles. Joshua is a former Marine turned voice actor / producer. With a background in film and television extending over a decade, he's worked in productions big and small and accrued a long list of credits in each.

While developing a solid foundation in film has always been a cornerstone, Joshua's real passion is in voice acting. For nearly 7 years he's provided voices for videogames and animation, appearing in such titles as WarFrame, Heroes of Newerth, and Subverse to name a few. The buck doesn't stop there though, and throughout those seven years he also found himself working on commercials and ads, as well as narrating a great deal of audiobooks.

Preferring science fiction and fantasy over any other genre, Joshua's unique talents in characterizations and dialects made him a contender in LitRPG and Harem novels. The sub-genres allowed him to quickly amass a large number of notches on his belt and garner the attention of prolific writers like that of Michael Scott Earl, Eric Vall, Logan Jacobs, and Jacob Demers.

Above all though, Joshua is a weaver of tales, and his performances are often compared to those of ancient fireside stories, where listeners were wrapped up and pulled into the very tales they were told. To listen is to experience and with Joshua Story behind the mic, all those adventures become your own. 

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