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Dungeon In My Closet

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Material: audiobook

Series: Dungeon in My Closet Book: 1 of 6


Starting college was already exciting enough, but then I found a portal in my dorm closet.

This portal led to a fantastical world full of monsters, magic, dungeons, and the ability to level up my attributes, weapon, and armor stats.

Speaking of weapons and armor: the best part of this new world is the enchanted weapons and armor I found that turned out to be beautiful women.

I’m on a quest to find out who cursed these women, but in the meantime, I’m going to kill a bunch of monsters, get paid in gold, and try not to get kicked out of college as I make myself rich.

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Narration By: Alyssa Poon and Evan Jordan
Duration: 7 Hours, 47 Minutes