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Satan's Sorority Girls 2

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Material: audiobook

Series: Satan's Sorority Girls Book: 2 of 4


I always knew college would be life changing, but I didn’t exactly expect to become an effigy of evil in just my first few months as a freshman.

There are some perks to being a vessel of raw dark energy, though… Like surrounding myself with a coven of gorgeous sorority witches, exploring the paranormal in real life, and learning how essential I am to all of these girls’ futures from here on out.

But the past of the Rho Alpha Theta house is a haunting one, and I’d do anything to unlock the secrets of a heartbreaking loss for my powerful coven.

Even if it means going deeper into my new powers than I’ve tried so far.

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Narration By: Brian Kozak and Charlie K James
Duration: 9 Hours, 15 Minutes