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Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 7

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Material: audiobook

Series: Tamer: King of Dinos Book: 7 of 9


Control dinosaurs. Tame women. Rule the world.

Victor and his tribe of beautiful women prepare to leave their fort and journey to their new base, but as usual with Dinosaurland, things never go according to plan.

Now Victor must protect all of his tribe without the aid of walls, and an old enemy gathers an army to give chase. Victor will have to use every power at his disposal to protect his women, and the journey will uncover new secrets of this strange world.

Disclaimer: This book has ravaging dinosaurs, a lot of cursing, extreme violence, and a harem of exotic alien women. The novel is not meant for people under the age of 18.

Narration By: Christopher Boucher and Jessica Threet
Duration: 11 Hours, 31 Minutes