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Welcome to Heathen Row 3

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Material: audiobook

Series: Welcome to Heathen Row Book: 3 of 5


Blood in the streets is pretty standard for Heathen Row. But when particularly gruesome slaughters start showing up right outside Chris Hart’s hotel, things escalate a bit too quickly for his liking.

Whoever is responsible for these grotesque displays is having a bit too much fun with it, and they’re keeping themselves well-hidden, too.

It looks like it’s time for Chris to bring his vicious monster women out on the hunt, but this is easier said than done when every hunter in the country wants to get in on the action.

But who wouldn’t want to try tracking the most elusive beast to hit Heathen Row since the start of the monster invasion?

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Narration By: JD Tanner and Sierra Taft
Duration: 10 Hours, 13 Minutes