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Werewolf Knight 2: A Reverse Portal Fantasy

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Material: audiobook

Series: Werewolf Knight Book: 2 of 2



Hank Baker, Questing Knight, hath made his mark upon fair Lupercalia! He hath felled mighty foes and recovered plentiful treasures, but a Questing Knight’s duties are endless: destroying more of the Moon Goddess’ enemies and cleansing the taint from Her holy places. Only then shall he be able to craft his Moon Sword and become a Knight of the Realm.

Hank and his lovely maidens will uncover arcane secrets of a vast vampiric conspiracy against the Kingdom and Moon Goddess. Untested and unproven, Hank shan’t be trusted by the King or other knights unless he shall obtain more evidence, but sinister forces of darkness will do anything to stop him and his glorious quest.

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Narration By: Alyssa Poon and Jack Douglas
Duration: 11 Hours, 21 Minutes