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Werewolf Knight: A Reverse Portal Fantasy

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Material: audiobook

Series: Werewolf Knight Book: 1 of 2


Hear ye, hear ye!

A newcomer hath arrived from the faraway land of ‘New Jersey’ to our noble kingdom of Lupercalia. Hank Baker, chosen by the Moon Goddess Herself to serve as Her knight champion! Transported here across vast distances by Her blessing, Hank, alone among red blooded commoners, possesses the gift of were-shifting to battle the endless hordes of monsters, recover the lost treasures of the realm, and bed the most comely womenfolk.

What plans doeth the Goddess have in store for our hero? None can know, not even the king. Read on thou must!

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Narration By: Alyssa Poon and Jack Douglas
Duration: 12 Hours, 48 Minutes