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Robert L. Bradvica of Actors Everywhere

Robert L. Bradvica

Robert L. Bradvica has been a working actor in NYC since 2017, and is beyond excited to be joining the team at Actors Everywhere! Besides working with these amazing people, and besides freelancing as an individual artist, Robert works as the Associate Artistic Director for Vulcan Theatre Co., a theatre collective based out of Upper Manhattan that works to provide a space for new and emerging works. His last major production was helming the director's chair in Vulcan Theatre's production of Macbeth, in March of 2020 (The last show before lockdowns!), as well as performing in the 2019 RAVE Theatre Festival, in "Stormy Weather", where you may have seen him as 'Harrison'. 

Actors Everywhere is an arts group formed with the purpose of reimagining art. Audio, video, stage - AE has its sights set on all of it. Having proven themselves in the audiobook world and fast becoming a recognizable name, they're constantly working on raising the bar and putting the audience and artists first.


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