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Lottery King 1

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Material: audiobook

Series: Lottery King Book: 1 of 9


I never imagined I’d win this big playing the lottery.

Then I bought a ticket that would change my life forever, and it’s not only riches I’m rolling in now.

I’ve won the right to rule as king of the entire paranormal world that’s been hidden right before my eyes. And the perks just keep piling up: Money, cars, mansions, the finest cuisine, the most exotic beauties I’ve ever laid eyes on… you name it.

I’m even expected to marry multiple paranormal women.

But being the first human king of the Eternal Realm comes with its own challenges, and there’s plenty of species who’d like to see my head on a spike.

It’s time to show my subjects exactly what kind of king I intend to be, because there’s no way I’m giving up the rich life now that I’ve finally gotten a taste of it.

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Narration By: Christopher Boucher and Jessica Threet
Duration: 10 Hours, 39 Minutes