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Sellsword: The Amoral Hero

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Material: audiobook

Series: Sellsword: The Amoral Hero Book: 1 of 3


The Great West stretched on endlessly, and it was filled with pioneer mining towns, magic, and opportunity.

But it was also filled with brigands, monsters, and the unknown.

Fortunately, I was around to protect people. For a price that is.

And I only have three simple rules. My code, if you will:
I’ll kill anything or anyone for a price.
I get paid up front.
I leave town right after I’ve performed my task… and enjoyed whatever townswomen offer themselves to me as a bonus.

They call me a hero, but I’m just out here looking to get rich.

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Narration By: Alex Perone and Marissa Parness
Duration: 8 Hours, 08 Minutes