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Wizardoms: Legend of the Sky Sword

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Material: audiobook

Series: Fall of Wizardoms Book: 2 of 6

A terrifying prophecy. A royal abduction. The desperate search for a legendary blade.
"If The Wheel of Time and Six of Crows had a baby with a touch of The Riftwar Saga's fast moving action and Mistborn flair...this is how it would read!" - The Magic Book Corner ★★★★★

The Seers are blind to prophecy, or so it seems until a nightmarish vision shocks everyone. A darkness comes. Should it claim the elves, it will advance until it consumes the southern wizardoms.

To stave off impending doom, misfit heroes embark on a quest for a magical sword not seen in millennia.

The newborn princess of Pallanar is abducted, triggering a desperate search. Her wizard father will do anything to rescue her. Who is behind it and what will his efforts cost?

Toppled thrones send two wizardoms into chaos. The ambitious strive to claim power while new gods rise to replace the old. What can it all mean?

Legend of the Sky Sword continues the Fall of Wizardoms Epic, ever driving the tale of Eight Wizardoms toward a spectacular, stunning end.

Download today. Your quest awaits.

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Narration By: Travis Baldree
Duration: 10 Hours, 21 Minutes