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Brew Master

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Material: audiobook

Series: Brew Master Book: 1 of 2


When Tyler King, a beer aficionado, finds himself transported to the magical land of Hagop, he discovers a world filled with cunning dwarves, enigmatic gnomes, brutish ogres, and beautiful women. It seems like the perfect place, until he discovers the real horror: nobody in this magical world knows how to brew a decent beer.

But Tyler knows how to make great beer.

He is going to create an empire of barley, but doing so means a life of adventure, danger, and bitter rivalries. Success will be an epic challenge, but the rewards will be fame, fortune, and the love of the beautiful women of Hagop and-- once they taste his beer-- of the whole realm, too.

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Narration By: Brian Kozak and Charlie K James
Duration: 8 Hours, 45 Minutes