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Challenger's Call OMNIUBS (Books 1 -3)

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Material: audiobook

Series: Challenger's Call


Damaged. Disgraced. Dishonored.
And the only hero who can save seven worlds.

When a freak accident ruins his body and his memory, Wes Malcolm loses his scholarship and his place in the world. Every treatment has failed, save one: a fully immersive VR game, designed by his late, disgraced father, that mimics the condition his body used to possess. To everyone's disbelief, his body and mind slowly improve, bit by bit, but it's still not enough.

Then one night, he wakes up in a world just like the game his father designed. Here, he can grow, learn, and thrive. But this world and all its sister planets are under assault from nightmare creatures, supernatural storms, and a host of other cataclysms. The strange, beautiful steward of these worlds offers him a deal: Save her planets, and he can take the power he gains back to his original body on Earth. It's the best chance he's ever been offered. But will his determination be enough, both for himself and the worlds now depending on him?

Come and find out.

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Narration By: Christopher Boucher and Jessica Threet
Duration: 60 Hours, 23 Minutes

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