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Demon's Throne 2

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Material: audiobook

Series: Demon's Throne Book: 2 of 2


Rys is still shaking dust from his hair after a thousand years of sleep, and he already finds himself in a two-front war. The sorcerers of the Malus League are summoning a demon lord, while his northern neighbor marches south. Now that Rys has claimed a kingdom, he needs to keep it.

Naturally, he'll expand his territory while crushing his new enemies.

Behind the scenes, the many spy networks of his opponents wage a continuous war. Rys gets his hands on his own spymaster, a pliable and energetic fox who is desperate to prove herself. The other nations want to manipulate him to their own end.

But he is nobody's puppet. When it's all over, he will stand atop the archipelago as its greatest power.

Demon's Throne is an empire-building series with violence, undefined relationships, beast girls, and scenes that don’t fade to black. Consider yourself warned.

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Narration By: Marcus Jahn and Sarah Goldstein
Duration: 15 Hours, 39 Minutes

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