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Dream Master

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Material: audiobook

Series: Dream Master Book: 1 of 2


When Ollie discovers he can enter peoples’ dreams, go on fantastic adventures, and help them overcome their troubles, he didn’t think he’d end up on the path to riches. His treatment means his patients fall in love with him afterwards, and now Ollie is suddenly on every wealthy person’s list as the “magic dream man” who can fix any mental health issue.

And rich, famous people have a lot of mental health issues.

Unfortunately, any harm Ollie experiences in a dream affects him in real life, so the reward doesn’t come risk free. Even more unsettling, when Ollie notices something in common with every nightmare scenario, it hints at something far more sinister at play in the world…

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Narration By: Christopher Boucher and Jessica Threet
Duration: 9 Hours, 57 Minutes