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God of Magic 3

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Material: audiobook

Series: God of Magic Book: 3 of 7


Under Gabriel's leadership and with the help of his unique powers of magical manipulation, the Shadow Foxes were growing to be a powerful and well-regarded guild. So much so that the great mages' school that runs every aspect of life in his new home calls upon them with a new contract, the most dangerous kind.

An escort quest.

Now, Gabriel's powers will be put to the test as his guild has to shepherd a beautiful young cat-girl mage through rampaging marauders, a rather tasteful magical ogre, some rather tasteless orc pirates, flesh-eating pixies, and a looming threat that holds the secret of a forbidden magic.

This novel contains harem elements.

Narration by: Daniel Wisniewski, Rebecca Woods
Length: 7 Hours, 22 Minutes

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Narration By: Daniel Wisniewski and Rebecca Woods
Duration: 7 Hours, 22 Minutes