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Monster Girl Journals: Season 1

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Material: audiobook

Series: Monster Girl Journals Book: 1 of 3

The complete first season of Monster Girl Journals. Includes the following chapters: 

The Snake Lady’s Lair (Gorgon)

My job as a monster girl hunter and researcher takes me to a lot of places, but the Amazon might be one of the most exotic by far. The locals tell of an ancient temple and a snake-like goddess… who is hungry for men in more than one way. It’s time to take on a gorgon. 

The Find in the Forest (Wendigo)

Tongass National Forest in Alaska is an expanse of rock and cold, but the wendigo’s warm embrace does wonders against the freeze. Somehow, one of the world’s harshest places holds the sweetest monster. 

A Purrfect Pair (Catgirl)

For the first time my research takes me into the big city, and London has more than enough hidey holes for a catgirl to get lost in. Except this time, it’s two for the price of one… 

What a Tangled Web She Weaves (Arachne)

Mammoth Cave National Park has its share of creepy-crawlies, but my next target puts them all to shame. The arachne is my most dangerous girl yet… and she’s going to use all of her eight limbs to tie up my research in ways I’ve never imagined. 

Tentacles, It Had to Be Tentacles (Scylla)

Brisbane, Australia is home to a variety of exotic sea creatures, but none as titillating as the Scylla, or Octopus girl. A cave in the Coral Sea becomes a love nest for a monster girl with more than enough helping hands… er, tentacles

Bad Moon Rising (Werewolf)

The Beast of Gevaudan is a werewolf myth that has plagued France for centuries. Now, my search takes me to the base of the Cevennes and the Margeride mountains, into the woods to catch the big, bad wolf. Unless she catches me first…

Narration By: Rachel Leblong
Duration: 4 Hours, 35 Minutes