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Monster Girl Journals: Season 2

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Material: audiobook

Series: Monster Girl Journals Book: 2 of 3

The complete second season of Monster Girl Journals. Includes the following chapters: 

Happy Valentine’s Day (Succubus)

Haven, Michigan seems like a nice, normal place, but men keep going missing, and the marks look suspiciously like a succubus. She’s the ultimate honeypot, a master of looking human, and she could be a lot closer than I think. During my visit, a trip to a local bakery brings me to Viv, a girl just as nice and normal as Haven itself… 

The Luck of the Irish (Leprechaun)

Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland? How cliche, right? But somewhere in the lush, green fields of Connemara is a tricky monster girl who needs to be put in her place a little. There’s more than gold at the end of the rainbow… 

Going Down the Rabbit Hole (Bunnygirl)

Cambridge, Ohio doesn’t look like it has a lot of action, but the hiking trails and the cabins to rent give me a nice bit of peace in between my travels. But a fluffy-tailed monster girl hops into my life and into my bed, and I finally get to understand all those jokes about rabbits. 

Tree Hugger (Dryad)

Somewhere amidst the Faroe Islands lies Danethorpe, a town straight out of a storybook that still puts a lot of stock in the old ways. During a festival to celebrate May Day and their pagan nature deity, I get up close and personal with their Maiden of Thistledown. I never figured myself for a dendrophiliac before, but dryads prove that even a tree can be sexy. 

Sibling Rivalry (Siren)

Disney might have you believe that mermaids are pretty and sweet, but a visit to Hollow Cape on California’s coast shows me just how ruthless they can be. A few harrowing nights with a set of siren sisters gives me all the research I could want…  and there’s not a seashell bra or a talking crustacean in sight. 

Rocket’s Red Glare (Gargoyle)

Summer in New York City is ungodly hot, and a quest to find a real gargoyle amidst the city’s thousands of statues seems like a Herculean task. My search brings me to Lady Liberty, and as fireworks erupt over the bay, another kind of explosion builds up. She might be made of stone, but she’s softer than you’d think… 

Beam Me Up, Hottie (Alien)

Lancaster, Pennsylvania isn’t exactly known for being an exotic locale, but the monster girls there are out of this world. Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned cattle mutilation and alien abduction to get a guy going. Who ever said my research only had to happen on Earth?

Narration By: Rachel Leblong
Duration: 5 Hours, 46 Minutes