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Monster Girl Journals: Season 3

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Material: audiobook

Series: Monster Girl Journals Book: 3 of 3

The complete third season of Monster Girl Journals. Includes the following chapters:

Drop Dead Gorgeous (Ghost)

Stuck in East Jesus Nowhere, Pennsylvania doesn’t exactly give me a lot of research options, but a tip about an eerie, abandoned girls school brings me a monster that’s hauntingly beautiful. Being able to see a girl is one thing, but being able to see through her? That’s just the kind of weird I’m looking for… 

Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy (Frankenstein’s Monster)

In the forest around Ingolstadt, Germany, a mysterious scientist has a big secret to show me, and it’s something straight from a horror book… literally. Screams of pleasure or screams of horror? Either way, it’s enough to wake the dead. 

Stuffing the Bird (Harpy)

The mountains of Bucharest aren’t exactly a forgiving place, and neither is the harpy who lies in wait for any unsuspecting prey who might stumble into her nest. If you think cupsize can be impressive on a girl, wait til you get a look at her wingspan… 

Merry Krampus (Krampus)

Driving a Yugo through Austria during the holidays might not sound appealing, but a run-in with a holiday legend ends up making my Christmas both naughty and nice. The Lady Krampus has a lot of treats under her red coat. Good thing I got a big sack and a long list… 

Auld Lang Slime (Slime)

It’s back to London for New Years Eve, but instead of catgirls, the city unearths a new hidden gem. Let the countdown begin for that New Year’s kiss, because it’s finally time to catch me a slime girl. 

An Act of Goddess Worship in More Ways Than One (Aphrodite & Bastet)

Oxfordshire, England is home to the Elysian estate, where not one, but two new monster girls are more than happy to have me as a guest. But Elysian means Heaven for a reason, and the goddesses there require worship from me… and each other. 

Hyde & Seek (Jekyll & Hyde)

I still can’t seem to leave London behind, and I’m now in Mayfair to speak to what might be my most normal woman yet. But Jacquline Hyde is more than just a sexy real estate agent, and her secrets and split personality are giving me whiplash. That’s totally normal though, right? I mean, it’s not like she’s a monster… 

Narration By: Rachel Leblong
Duration: 6 Hours, 06 Minutes