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Welcome to Heathen Row

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Material: audiobook

Series: Welcome to Heathen Row Book: 1 of 5


No one knows why it started, but the monster invasion all began right here, in Heathen Row.
Ever since, men all over the world have been on the menu. And women have been at the frontlines, hunting the predators.
But in a world where women are over-armed, over-paid, and under-satiated, Chris Hart isn’t staying safe inside while the monsters come out to feast.
He’s living a double life, and doing his damndest to make sure no scientists, corporations, or hired monster hunters find out about the powers he gained the night he came to Heathen Row.
Or about the sexy monster woman he’s hiding away to complete his own private mission.

So lock your doors and load your guns. It’s going to be a bloody night.

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Narration By: JD Tanner and Sierra Taft
Duration: 10 Hours, 23 Minutes