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Welcome to Heathen Row 2

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Material: audiobook

Series: Welcome to Heathen Row Book: 2 of 5


In a world overrun with man-eating monsters, you never know what day may be your last. But for Chris Hart, this isn’t a fact worth losing sleep over.

It’s a challenge to overcome.

Now that he’s got two outrageously murderous and sexy monster women by his side, Chris is ready to take on any and all obstacles that threaten his mission.

And hey, sometimes that requires outsmarting uppity hunters, running corporate scientists out of town, slaughtering the creepiest damn beasts you could imagine, and still finding time to satiate the lethal appetites of your monster women.

Luckily, it’s always a good day for killin’ in the famous Heathen Row.

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Narration By: JD Tanner and Sierra Taft
Duration: 10 Hours, 13 Minutes