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Welcome to Heathen Row 5

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Material: audiobook

Series: Welcome to Heathen Row Book: 5 of 5


With a djinn on the loose in Heathen Row, everything just went from normal, everyday weird to ‘whaaaaaat the ever-loving hell is going on?’

So, naturally, Chris Hart has his hands pretty full.

He’s juggling the aftermath of so many wishes gone wrong, trying to fix some seriously messed up portals, and working to crack the code on a dangerous underground market. All while maintaining his monster women’s deadly appetites.

Not to mention, the unexpected return of a certain Green Beret who doesn’t take any crap.

Hey, at least it’s not raining blood or something crazy like that.

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Narration By: JD Tanner and Sierra Taft
Duration: 9 Hours, 40 Minutes