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Arena Book 3

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Material: audiobook

Series: Arena Book: 3 of 13


If there is one thing I know, it's winners. And I am fantastic at picking winners. Everyone I pick wins. I know it. America knows. The world knows. It's a fact. And Marc Havak is a winner. Period. Tremendous winner. The best. Exceptional.

When aliens came to Earth and said they needed a winner, well, I was busy running America. Fantastically. So, the next best winner was Marc Havak. And I have not been wrong. I'm never wrong, and I was right about Marc.

Through two books he's been funny, handsome, and beaten odds that would have made ordinary men cry like losers. He's kicked so much alien butt and snagged so many kick-ass alien ladies all while making us laugh with witty one-liners, that even I can't help but be impressed. The only other person that has impressed me more is me. And I'm tremendous.

This third book though, I'm telling you, this book is amazing. More of everything you love. Edge of your seat alien battles on fantastic worlds? Win. Smoking hot alien babes who are total tens? Win. Enough heart and guts from the main character to fill one of my incredible hotels? Win. If I could cry I would have even shed a manly tear at a point or two.

I know winners, and you are all winners because you loved the first two books, so what are you waiting for? Do your planet proud and read this book immediately.

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    Narration By: Joshua Story
    Duration: 8 Hours, 32 Minutes