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Immortal Swordslinger 6

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Material: audiobook

Series: Immortal Swordslinger Book: 6 of 6

After conquering the strongest Augmenter I'd ever faced, I inherited a seemingly miraculous Vigor-generating machine, the World Engine, a powerful new home base, travel method, and source of empowerment, and its brilliant operator, Euyin the Elf.

Moreover, I've become Master to three additional Immense Blades: Vyvian and Syvian, Twin Wood Blades, and Oblivia, a Void Blade.

The Void tempts me with its formidable power. I must tread a fine line between empowering the new Void-hybrid channel I developed and succumbing to its taint, while battling demonic figures beyond my worst imagination.

And there is something else I must unlock, a glorious figure at the heart of my weapons and the beautiful spirits therein...

A real, live Dragon.

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Narration By: C.C. Thompson and JD Tanner
Duration: 10 Hours, 21 Minutes