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Wrath of the Dragon 2

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Material: audiobook

Series: Wrath of the Dragon Book: 2 of 6


It’s time to cross the perilous voids that the gods have left behind in Dracoria. Somewhere beyond endless sand and lava, the Water Lands are waiting to be freed, and a beautiful water angel is in desperate need of being rescued.

But it turns out demons aren’t one size fits all. This new water world offers a whole new menu of demonic deathtraps, and it looks like it’ll take more than a fire dragon to get us to victory.

Luckily, there’s a gorgeous night angel who’s more than eager to bind herself to me.

The question is, can one mortal man handle the power of two dragon forms at once?

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Narration By: Jack Douglas and Maggie Langhorne
Duration: 7 Hours, 46 Minutes