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Monster Girl Base 7

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Material: audiobook

Series: Monster Girl Base Book: 7 of 7


The Ilquenya have begun the end game of their interdimensional conquest, and the only thing standing in their way is Dave Meyer, his band of talented women, and the scientific genius of his various fathers from different Earths.

But time is running out, and even if they can locate the Ilquenya home dimension, what can a small group on a tiny base do against the most technologically advanced species in the multiverse?

If Dave is going to triumph once and for all, he’s gonna need a weapon that can destroy an entire planet, and not even Sol’s genius can make something like that quickly and with no resources.

Doom approaches. Can Dave save the universe?

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Narration By: Alex Perone and Marissa Parness
Duration: 7 Hours, 37 Minutes