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Rise, My Minions!

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Material: audiobook

Series: Rise My Minions Book: 1 of 3


“You shall serve me in death… and beyond!”

Greg was your average American college student, until he fell into an open grave and awoke in a sinister world of darkness, death, and the macabre and was then initiated into the Domotraus Academy.
The Domotraus Academy, a school for sorcerers to learn dark magic deemed illegal by other mages, a school that teaches arcane secrets, a school that brokers pacts with demons from the abyss. This academy and its horrifying faculty will train Greg to master death itself and to become the greatest necromancer in history.
But the most important lesson is about power: dark sorcerers learn to dominate others and take what they want. Wealth, power, women. All of these are essential steps on the path to eternal life and arcane omnipotence for a sorcerer powerful enough to grasp it.
Those who do not shall perish. And that’s when their service truly begins.

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Narration By: C.C. Thompson and JD Tanner
Duration: 8 Hours, 14 Minutes