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Time Pirate 2

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Material: audiobook

Series: Time Pirate Book: 2 of 3


My life was turned upside down when I found a time traveling watch during my security job at the Smithsonian Museum. One minute, I was standing in modern DC, and the next, I was in 1814.
And things have only gotten crazier since then.
I fell in love with a 19th century woman and brought her back to the present day, and through her, I also obtained a very expensive looking tie pin and a first edition, signed copy of 
Pride and Prejudice.
Now, I just have to figure out how to sell these things without making the IRS suspicious.
And then I need to decide what I’m going to steal from the past next.

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Narration By: Brian Kozak and Charlie K James
Duration: 8 Hours, 29 Minutes