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Brace For the Wolves

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Material: audiobook

Series: Challenger's Call Book: 2 of 4


Kill the traitor-prince.
The cry for Wes Malcolm's death has followed him from Earth all the way to Avalon, and an entire new breed of Hordebeast has taken up the call. Howling wolf-men now hunt him as an escaped convict, a false teacher, and a traitor to a legacy he had rejected immediately. Worse yet, he must fight not only for his own freedom, but for the prisoners he rescued from the dungeon on this ruined world.

Now he needs to evade the monsters long enough to get the former hostages to safety, then grow strong enough to battle his hunters and win. To do so, he’s going to have to delve into the ruins of this world and discover ghosts and secrets from another age, including the hidden history of Earth itself.

He cannot fall here. Too many worlds have put their hope in him.

Sequel to Downfall and Rise.
Epic Portal Fantasy with LITRPG/GameLit elements. Features profanity and adult themes. Also features a multi-bodied alien nerd-girl with a penchant for wearing ironic Earth t-shirts as a love interest. You have been warned.

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Narration By: Christopher Boucher and Jessica Threet
Duration: 20 Hours, 38 Minutes