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Mage Among Supers 3

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Material: audiobook

Series: Mage Among Supers Book: 3 of 5

As the only magic user in a world of supers, life has always been a little strange. But now that a new threat has shown up in Caliber City, it's gotten a whole lot stranger.

A biotech company is causing waves with its new genetic experiments. By the looks of things, these creatures aren't native to Earth. At least, not this Earth. They're from my homeworld, which just provides more questions than answers.

Together with the beautiful other members of the Offenders, I'm hoping to unravel this mystery.

As with all things in my supernatural life, I'm betting Fenton Ashbearer is lurking nearby. And if my old mentor shows up, it might just be our final showdown.

But I won't be alone. I'll be joined by a sassy tech-controlling beauty, a mind-reading laywer, a hard-hitting martial artist, and a one-woman-arsenal.

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Narration By: Lewis Alexander and Rozelyn Rader
Duration: 8 Hours, 41 Minutes