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Rise, My Minions! Book 3

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Material: audiobook

Series: Rise My Minions Book: 3 of 3


“You shall serve me in death… and beyond!”

The more Greg Damien settles into his role as Dark Mage and star pupil in the school of necromancy, the more disturbing secrets he uncovers about Domotraus Academy and the sinister students, teachers, and alumni.

He was well aware that life was valued cheaply at the academy, but when one of his classmate’s soul is lost during an astral projection, Greg will have to risk everything to bring her back without losing his own soul in the process.

And even if he is successful, the price for disobeying the powers that be on campus could be high, especially when secret forces are maneuvering behind the scenes. Can Greg trust the faculty? Can he even trust his fellow students?

The only beings he knows he can trust for sure is his growing horde of undead minions, and his beautiful soulbound lovers.

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Narration By: C.C. Thompson and JD Tanner
Duration: 8 Hours, 58 Minutes