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Woad Children

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Material: audiobook

Series: Challenger's Call Book: 3 of 4


One tribulation down.
To stop the next, he'll battle through blood and frost.

Wes Malcolm has wrested Avalon back from men, monsters, and false gods. The next step is to bring the battle to his enemy's camp.

The world of the Woadlands is under siege from two cataclysms at once. Fey of the winter courts seek to smother the planet in eternal frost, while an alien cancer gnaws at the ancient trees that power the magic of this world.


Worst of all, his earthly enemies have spent the last fifty years making both threats far more dire, sabotaging the natives' every chance at survival. Even the planet's godlike Icons believe their world is doomed.

But the Challenger of Avalon is unconvinced.

He has already laid one demigod dead at his feet, and now an army of rescued prisoners and resurrected champions are charging alongside of him. The apocalypse is a lie.

All is not lost.

Epic Portal Fantasy with LITRPG/GameLit elements.
Sequel to Downfall and Rise and Brace for the Wolves.
Still features profanity and adult themes. Still also features a multi-bodied alien nerd-girl with a penchant for wearing ironic Earth t-shirts as a love interest.
You have been warned. Again.

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Narration By: Christopher Boucher and Jessica Threet
Duration: 19 Hours, 35 Minutes