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Apocalyptic Pirates

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Material: audiobook

Series: Apocalyptic Pirates Book: 1 of 5


They said it was just a meteor storm.

Then the storm turned into a cataclysmic event as giant rocks crashed into the Earth.

And dragons came crawling out of every one of them.

Lots and lots of radioactive dragons.

Now, nowhere but the ocean is safe, and home is an eight thousand mile journey across the seas. Even if I have to go full pirate, save some damsels in distress, and plunder to survive, I’m making it home in one piece.

Yo-ho-ho, you scaly bastards.

Disclaimer: The protagonist of this series has descriptive adult relations with multiple women, sometimes at the same time.

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Narration By: Delilah Stanfield and Jack Douglas
Duration: 8 Hours, 10 Minutes