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Arena Book 4

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Material: audiobook

Series: Arena Book: 4 of 13


Tremendous. Tremendously tremendous. Tremendous in its tremendocity. That is how I would describe book four in the Arena series. I say so. Everyone says so. But mostly, I say so.

My best friend, Marc Havak, who I hand picked to represent the planet Earth in an interstellar gladiatorial competition, has kicked-butt and taken names, as I knew he would. Everyone I pick wins. And they win bigly.

But this book, wow, this one is amazing. Intense action with yours truly saving the day and telling these alien losers how much they suck? You're hired. Bad-ass space babes who are total hardbody tens? You're hired. More witty one-liners than a Schwareneggar flick from the 90's? Hired.

What? You’re still looking at the blurb? Come on. You need to read this book right now. For America.

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    Narration By: Joshua Story
    Duration: 9 Hours, 07 Minutes