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Backyard Dungeon: UK Edition

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Series: Backyard Dungeon UK Book: 1 of


I thought the craziest change I would experience in my life was moving to London to run a pub that my late uncle left me, but then I found what was under the pub.

A whole fantastical world was hidden beneath my feet. Full of monsters, magic, and beautiful women who need my help.

After I saved a gorgeous Elven princess, she told me she had been framed for her father’s murder and has been on the run ever since.

So, between settling into the UK and figuring out how to run a pub, now I have to find a way to help the princess win back her kingdom. The risks were deadly, but the reward could include love and endless wealth.

I was going to risk it. Wouldn’t you?

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Narration By: Brian Kozak and Charlie K James
Duration: 9 Hours, 42 Minutes