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Wizardoms: God King Rising

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Material: audiobook

Series: Fall of Wizardoms Book: 1 of 6

A stirring rebellion. Unrelenting assassins. Conspiracies abound.
"Scheming wizards, a secret rebellion, an ingenious magic system, revenge, wild chases and daring by a hair's breadth escapes. This book has it all! Give it a try. I guarantee you won't regret it." -★★★★★ Magic Book Corner

Two queens.

One rules by fear, her citizens laboring to fund the lavish lifestyle of the wizard class. The other believes in justice and compassion, earning her the love of her subjects...and the enmity of her wizard peers.

Both will die.

In one wizardom, a secret rebellion brews. A hero to the people rises, fueled by a mysterious sorcerer's blood magic. But at what cost?

Conspiracies and assassins lurk in every shadow, threatening the throne of another nation. The scheming wizard behind it will stop at nothing to claim the crown. Yet, even he is a pawn.

What force is behind it all? What is their endgame?

And, so begins a new epic set in the same world as the bestselling Fate of Wizardoms saga.

Purchase God King Rising and embark on a nail-biting adventure rife with intrigue, schemes, and stunning revelations.

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Narration By: Travis Baldree
Duration: 10 Hours, 25 Minutes